Center for Nonprofit Management

45 years of leadership strengthening the nonprofit sector in Southern California

Meet CNM

CNM supports and advocates for a thriving social impact sector in Southern California through research, convening, engagement, technical assistance, training, and advocacy.

How CNM Works

We are committed to ensuring a resilient and impactful future for the social impact sector across Southern California. We do this by accelerating innovation and growth opportunities for nonprofit organizations and the people who make them run; through strategic partnerships, active learning, organizational and leadership development, engagement, advocacy, sector-wide research, and data.

Advocate for a Stronger Nonprofit Sector

By leveraging our capacity building expertise and a network built across nearly 45 years, CNM uplifts the voice and positive social impacts of the of the nonprofit sector to increase understanding of its critical role in a more inclusive economy and advance a new deal where organizations can thrive alongside the communities they serve.

We collaborate with nonprofits to strengthen the sector by advancing fair and just contracting and grantmaking practices that ensure the health, sustainability, and growth of the sector.

Need support? Engage with us.

Nonprofit organizations face unique challenges, and CNM is here to support you. Contact us at (213) 266-8488 or fill out our contact form.

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