CNM Certificate Programs

Learn alongside your colleagues in a multi-day academy designed to go beyond the basics in a concise yet expansive program. CNM Academies help you find solutions to practical challenges and create value for your organization by increasing the capacity of your professional toolkit.

  • Go Beyond the Basics
  • Build Relationships
  • Increase Productivity
  • Augment Your Toolkit

Whether you are a seasoned nonprofit professional or consultant, these offerings will leave you with the ability to give more to your cause and in some cases, grant you a certification of expertise.

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Build Capacity and Develop Vital Management Skills

Equip yourself with the skills necessary to manage and improve a nonprofit organization’s strategic future. Designed for the working nonprofit professional, the program meets for six intensive days over the course of six months and covers key nonprofit management topics, including:

  • Your leadership style and leading teams
  • Sustainability and planning
  • Advocacy and community engagement
  • Governance and board development
  • Strategic resource development
  • Operations and administration
  • Internal and external communications

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Taking the Initiative to Take the Lead

Designed for those aspiring to become nonprofit CEO’s in Los Angeles and San Bernardino Counties, this 5-month intensive program combines:

  • Leadership skills development
  • Executive coaching
  • Peer learning and networking
  • Real-life strategic problem solving

During the course, the future CEO’s are required to create a meaningful Leadership Improvement Project, applying much of the course learning to their work in real time, while gaining buy-in for the project from their CEO, board and other involved stakeholders. Each leader is paired with a CNM Certified Coach who will provide ongoing guidance and support as participants develop their project.

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A Coach That’s Also First Class

Interested in increasing the impact of your consulting services? Integrate specific coaching methods for improved results! Completion of this 6-month program fulfills the education requirement for the International Coach Federation certification. 5+ years in a senior nonprofit management position or consulting experience required. Contact us to find out more about the next session of the Professional Coach Certification.

The Benefits? They’re Beyond Academic

The nonprofit community provides excellent opportunities to form invaluable alliances and friendships. The challenge is to meet these people. The extended programming of the academies creates an excellent collective environment that encourages you to establish rewarding relationships with your peers.
The concise yet expansive curricula of the academies provides an outstanding opportunity for you to create value for your organization by strengthening human capital. With the knowledge and experience you acquire, you may profoundly increase your potential to give more to your cause. 
In addition to adept program of study, many of the academies offer certification for courses completed.  They provide a perfect opportunity to update your resume, expand your skill set, increase capacity, and invest in your future.
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