Nonprofit Leadership Development Program

Taking the Initiative to Take the Lead

Designed for those aspiring to become nonprofit executive’s in Southern California, this 5-month intensive program combines:

  • Leadership skills development
  • Executive coaching
  • Hands-on peer learning
  • Building a network of diverse peers
  • Real-life strategic problem solving

During the course, participating leaders will learn to move beyond tactics to strategy and vision, while gaining buy-in from their CEO, board, and other important stakeholders. Participants are required to create a Leadership Improvement Project that addresses a current need, applying many of the skills learned during the program to their work in real time. Each leader is paired with a CNM Certified Coach who will provide ongoing guidance and support as participants develop their project.

Core Content Areas

  • What Leadership Looks Like
  • The Beauty of Our Diverse Workforce
  • Leveraging Relationships & Managing Politics
  • Managing Change and Leading in a Dynamic Environment
  • Coaching for Innovation and Creativity
  • Defining Your Authentic Leadership Style
  • Impacting Organizational Culture
  • Your Brand: Positioning Yourself as a Leader

Is this right for ME?
Yes! If you are you a senior-level nonprofit manager and you are….

  • Ready to explore your leadership style and who you want to be as a leader
  • Looking to build your leadership skills to advance your career
  • Searching for practical ways to increase team effectiveness
  • Excited about building relationships with a cohort of industry leaders
  • Seeking answers about how to develop a leadership bench in your organization
  • Looking to be empowered to make a greater impact on the community you serve

Benefits to the organization:

  • The improvement project tackles needs within the organization while building skills of their employee
  • Creates efficiencies by improving the decision making of participating leader
  • Knowledge gained is passed down to others within the organization
  • Develops relationships with other organizations through network
  • A benefit to the employee as part of their experience working for the organization

What alumni are saying:

  • “I felt a lot more comfortable making decisions”
  • “The program forced me to focus on my leadership and how I could do better”
  • “I took the lessons back to my organization and saw the impact it made”

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