Compensation and Benefits Report (C+B)

About the C+B

The CNM C+B Report survey began in 1990 with the purpose of gathering information on current, regional nonprofit compensation and benefits practices and trends.

Participants say that the C+B Report is a reliable tool for Executive Directors, Chief Financial Officers, and human resources staff who determine competitive  salaries and benefit packages for organization employees, and who make key decisions about nonprofit organization business models.

The strength of the C+B Report survey is the diversity and volume of participants. Every year, approximately 400 nonprofit organizations reflecting the nonprofit sector in Southern California participate in the survey. This participation allows CNM to produce region-specific, detailed reports of compensation practices for over 150 nonprofit job roles.

It is also critical for the following reasons:

  1. IRS Compliance. The Internal Revenue Service requires that nonprofit executives provide reasonable pay to their employees. While reasonable is not defined, it is determined by factors such as: job description, education and experience, average compensation in your area, hours worked, and organization budget. The C+B covers these factors, making it a critical tool in staying compliant.
  2. Employee Acquisition and Retention. Having a great staff is imperative to achieving your mission. Getting and keeping that staff is a matter of offering them the right salary and benefits package. The C+B Report is the only Southern California-specific nonprofit salary data out there, making it the best tool to build the best team.

2018 Compensation and Benefits Report
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What does the C+B Survey mean for your nonprofit organization?

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