Building a Culture of Fundraising

Fundraising is usually high on a nonprofit’s priority list. In fact, there’s a good chance you turned to this section first. It makes sense. You’re fully committed to your mission and the programs that advance it, but none of it comes free.

On top of that, there’s intense competition for limited resources – a fact that’s never been more apparent than during the economic downturn in recent years.

Here, we describe the various types of funding sources that you should be considering and provides guidance on developing a plan to reach them. There are lots of things to consider -the role of your board, a communications plan, an online presence, and diversification, to name a few – so think of this as a springboard to taking your fundraising to the next level.

The seminars below cover a few of our most popular topics. Click here to visit our training calendar to find upcoming opportunities.


Meet the Funders

Grant seeking? Join local funders in small, rotating roundtable discussions as they share latest best practices. Learn about emerging trends and get questions answered from the funders’ perspective.

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The Fundraising Race & Major Donor Fundraising

Many nonprofit Development Directors and Fundraisers “fall” into the fast-paced role of fundraising.  While fund development is not rocket science, understanding the basics will help development officers and managers to be more effective and will lessen frustration about expectations and maximize results.

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Grant Writing That Gets Funded

Learn time-tested strategies for successfully securing grants. We’ll cover finding and approaching potential funders, preparing for grant writing, and grant-writing do’s and don’ts that are essential to making your proposal a winner.

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