Strategy Development and Planning

Our approach to strategy development is inclusive, data-informed, and customized to each client’s objectives, capacity, and context.

What We Do

Our team works closely with organizational leadership, key stakeholders, board of directors, and staff to problem-solve, collaborate, plan, and implement.

Our five-step strategic planning process allows us to work alongside the board and leadership to identify the scope and intent, conduct an internal/external environmental scan including key stakeholder interviews, set organizational priorities, and develop and approve the plan.

CNM’s team is ready to support:

  • Strategic Planning

  • SWOT and SOAR Analyses

  • Developing SMARTIE goals

  • Continuity and Succession Planning

  • Transition Planning

  • Organizational Change Management

  • Business Planning

  • Scenario Planning

Together We Can Achieve

Nonprofit strategic planning is about aligning your team and goals to advance your organization’s mission while creating the framework and guidelines for future decision-making. CNM will work with your team to co-design actionable, data-informed, strategic, business, and scenario plans that meet your organization’s unique needs.

We Work With: 

CNM is ready to partner with:

  • Nonprofit leadership and boards engaging in a collaborative, multi-year strategy development and planning process to achieve longevity, deepen impact, and develop a shared vision for your organization
  • Funders looking to provide technical assistance and planning expertise to your grantees
  • Nonprofits planning for or within a senior leadership transition or times of change
  • Organizations poised for growth who seek insights and strategies to inform next steps

CNM supports nonprofit boards, leaders, and staff in the collaborative strategy development and planning process focused on achieving longevity and significant impact by developing a shared vision for the organization.

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