Equity in LA County Contracting

Given CNM’s role as a capacity builder for thousands of community-based organizations across the region each year, one part of our mission is to represent our clients and colleagues, the nonprofit sector with a strong voice.

Since nonprofits are the fourth largest employer in California – operating in the fifth largest economy in the world – strengthening organizations’ impact and reach significantly improves the lives of millions of residents.

CNM, for nearly two years, has been leading a complex and labor-intensive effort that impacts the sustainability of the entire local nonprofit sector. Working in partnership with the County Board of Supervisors, CEO’s office, department leadership, and our nonprofit colleagues, we formed a historic Equity in Contracting Action Team. It is comprised of more than 50 nonprofit/philanthropy leaders and 50 County staff who are tasked with meeting regularly to identify challenges and develop workable solutions.

  1. Outdated reimbursement and redundant auditing practices
  2. Lack of a centralized and automated system to learn about and submit proposals
  3. Inconsistent contracting requirements inside and across departments
  4. Lack of relevant and timely technical assistance for current and new County contractors
  5. Lack of a centralized document storage depository for required information

We are building a unique partnership across our nonprofit sector, linking leaders from several community driven initiatives, the five County Supervisors’ staff, and with our colleagues in 6 key county departments who invest millions of dollars for social services delivered by nonprofit organizations each year.

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Action Team Resources

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Evolution of the Work

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September – December 2021
Review and Analyze Existing and New Recommendations

January – February 2022
Choose Actionable Recommendations and Develop Strategies and Goals

March 2022
Implement and Monitor Recommendations

Evaluate and Track Outcomes and Adjust as Needed

From four Action Teams, we are now organized by three Work Groups:

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Intersted in learning more about the Equity in County Contracting work that has been an ongoing effort since the beginning of 2020?

Explore the below resources to dig into the details.

For those of you who are already a part of the Equity in County Contracting action teams, explore up-to-date resources and reference materials here.

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