Equity in LA County Contracting

Origins of the Equity in County Contracting Initiative

LA County and the Nonprofit Sector are Essential Partners in Meeting Community Needs

LA County leadership and the nonprofit sector know that our partnership is essential to meet the needs of communities. We're also committed to investing public dollars in communities that have been historically disadvantaged.

The Nonprofit Sector Spoke and LA County Leaders Listened

When the pandemic struck, LA Board of Supervisors convened a task force to identify what was needed by nonprofits to respond to the crisis. The task force uplifted hundreds of nonprofit voices that said LA County's outdated contracting system needed to be updated and standardized,
and County leaders listened. 

The Historic Progress to
Advance Equity

Four Board motions later, historic progress has been made to streamline County contracting practices and updated policies.

While challenges remain,
the collaboration between nonprofit and county leaders continues.

Priorities for Streamlining County Contracting

Provide Adequate and Timely Reimbursement

Build Ongoing Partnerships Between County and Nonprofit Organizations

Reduce Administrative Burden, Address Contracting Inefficiencies, and Expand Access

Progress Throughout the Contracting Lifecycle

1. Contract Solicitation and Design

Simplify applications


Provide options to address insurance affordability

In Progress

Institutionalize community advisory group to provide ongoing feedback

In Progress

Incorporate full cost reimbursement

To Be Determined

2. Access and Submission

Remove unnecessary documents


Update outreach strategy to reach BIPOC serving groups

In Progress

Improve online search & navigation functions

In Progress

Add FAQs to contracting site by department

To Be Determined

Create centralized portal for submitting common documents annually

To Be Determined

3. Execute & Manage Contracts

Provide start-up funding

In Progress

Expand Prompt Payment program

In Progress

Update remainder of A/C Handbook

In Progress

Monitor progress: payment delays

In Progress

Standardize invoicing practices where possible

To Be Determined

Equity in County Contracting FAQ

    • Be informed. Be looped in as part of the mailing list as we provide news and updates around the Equity in County Contracting efforts and related events. 
    • Be involved. Participate in bi-weekly meetings around nonprofit strategizing and/or with our county partners. 
    • Be coordinated. (Be informed, involved) and join us in coordinating additional efforts to move the work forward. 


Interested in learning more about the Equity in County Contracting work that has been an ongoing effort since the beginning of 2020?

Explore the links below to dig into the details.

Assessment of the 2021-2023 Equity in County Contracting Initiative

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