5 Things We Learned from the Nonprofit Employment Practices Survey

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5 Things We Learned from the Nonprofit Employment Practices Survey

The Nonprofit Employment Practices Survey is conducted annually by NonprofitHR, and can be found here.

Nonprofits are projecting growth in 2015 that could outpace the corporate sector.
50% of nonprofits plan to create new positions in 2015. Only 36% of for-profits plan to do the same. This is great for the economy and for the sector. A word of caution though – don’t hire without knowing how you can make that position sustainable. Many positions in nonprofit organizations are grant-funded for a year or two, but what is your plan for after that? Proper planning can save you a lot of headaches in the future.

We are mighty.
The nonprofit sector is the 3rd largest employer in the US. There are about 10.7 million of us in 2 million organizations across this great land. A reminder to all to stand with pride and fight for what you want. We are many and we can create change!

We have trouble keeping our people.
And it’s no wonder. We’re busy solving big problems and we aren’t known for our big budgets. But sometimes losing an employee can be more costly than simply giving them a raise or more benefits. Make sure you have a recruitment and retention strategy in place.

Want to know what to offer new employees and how to keep the ones you have? A very simple and free way is to participate in our Compensation & Benefits Survey. Participants get a free Comparative Market Analysis. This vital report lays out a clear picture of how your organization’s salaries compare to organizations of similar budget size, geographic location, field of service and number of employees. Hurry – the deadline to participate is March 13th.

Good people are choosing to leave their organizations.
During the economic downturn, employees were holding on tightly to their jobs. But now that things have settled a bit, they are looking around for better gigs. Better meaning higher pay, promotions, and lighter workloads. Do you have a plan to keep your employees from getting a wandering eye?

We need to work on our leadership pipelines.
Most executive level positions are filled with people from outside organizations. Sometimes this is because organizations feel they need a fresh perspective, but often it is because they don’t have the leadership that is needed within their own pool of people. Developing your employees and promoting from within is a good way to keep your top talent. In addition, when executives have deep institutional knowledge, it can be easier to come up with strategies that work and build on already developed relationships.


Participate in the Compensation & Benefits Survey to help us find local trends and to help you hire and retain the staff you need to get the job done.