“Decisions at the federal level matter to this sector. That stream of cash flow and policy direction can have a material impact on how or if nonprofits get results within the communities they serve.”
-Regina Birdsell, President & CEO, Center for Nonprofit Management

On April 11, our President & CEO, Regina Birdsell, traveled to Washington DC for Foundations on the Hill with a contingent of organizations from California that included Southern California Grantmakers, Northern California Grantmakers, The San Diego Community Foundation, United Way of LA, and several other foundation representatives.

Foundations on the HillFoundations on the Hill is a two-day event that allows foundation leaders to connect with Congressional leaders on key issues of importance to foundations and nonprofit organizations across our state.

The goal of the trip was to forge better working relationships with our elected officials and their staffs. The group offered to serve as a convener and thought partner to help inform policy decisions that impact the social sector.

“My own goal was to talk about the nonprofit sector in Southern California. I wanted to let them know how big we are —as an employer, as a voting block, and as content experts working on the ground,” said Regina. “I believe we opened some new doors during this trip.”

The group spoke with the representatives from the offices of Governor Brown, Congressman Rohrabacher, Congresswoman Chu, The White House’s Office of Science and Technology, and others.

Special thanks to Southern California Grantmakers for organizing the trip.


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