Managing Nonprofits

Kind words can be short and easy to speak, but their echoes are truly endless.

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A one on one creative, thought-provoking process of exploration and accountability.


We've crafted a comprehensive curricula for nonprofit professionals and organizations.

CNM Nonprofit Helpline

Due to the variety of issues and challenges facing nonprofit leaders, and the sensitive nature of some of their concerns, CNM’s Nonprofit Helpline offers the attention and guidance you deserve. We arrange for customized referrals to other professionals and/or resources appropriate to issues you’re facing, always striving for low-cost or no-cost solutions to their concerns

The Nonprofit Helpline serves nearly 1,500 individuals per year through this service, and continuously creates online reference materials and workbooks as needed, in response to and drawing from our experience with other callers and online queries.

(213) 266-8464

The CNM Helpline is made possible by a grant from