To foster thriving communities in Southern California by ensuring that nonprofit leaders and organizations have the knowledge, skills, and resources to fulfill their mission.

CNM is a comprehensive source for management education, training, and consulting that helps nonprofit organizations achieve their goals.

    We help nonprofits access important information easily through our Nonprofit Resource Library, The Nonprofit Answer Guide, expansive seminars, and knowledgeable experts in the field.
    CNM provides classes, initiatives and networking opportunities crucial in developing and maintaining nonprofit leadership and management skills at all levels of the organization.
    CNM can counsel organizations experiencing change, including rebuilding boards, transitioning executives and restructuring the organization.
    An organization is only as strong as its staff. CNM offers organizations resources to find qualified candidates, courses on overcoming personnel pitfalls and guidelines on industry compensation in Southern California.
    By serving hundreds of nonprofits every month, CNM provides a setting where nonprofit professionals meet, share ideas and collaborate.

As a nonprofit, CNM understands the challenges other nonprofits face. With the support of grantmakers and our sponsors, our fees are set on a sliding scale to keep our services accessible to organizations of all sizes.

Established in 1979, the Center for Nonprofit Management has played an integral role in the development of the Southern California nonprofit community.

When it was founded, CNM provided 54 seminars and assisted 24 organizations with hands on management assistance. Today, we offer the most extensive array of seminars, peer networking opportunities, technical assistance programs and information resources in the region.

This year, CNM will assist hundreds of organizations with a variety of educational opportunities, consulting, and informational services. As the needs of the Southern California nonprofit sector have changed, CNM has kept pace by embracing new management techniques and technologies that allow it to
provide innovative solutions to the most pressing of problems.

After 35 years, CNM remains the place where nonprofit organizations turn for guidance, support, and answers.

A Tradition of Excellence

CNM has been led by a group of first-rate executive directors that brought with them outstanding work histories and prolific vision for the community.

  • Dan Smith
  • Alan Kumamoto
  • Patty Oertel
  • Pete Manzo
  • Regina Birdsell (current)