A Message from Efrain Escobedo, CNM’s New President & CEO

Author: Efrain Escobedo – President & CEO, CNM

I’m excited to be writing to you as the new President & CEO of the Southern California Center for Nonprofit Management! It’s an honor to lead this amazing organization that’s been a source of strength for our nonprofit sector since 1978. I am profoundly grateful for the outpouring of support and allyship I’ve received since the announcement.

After 15 years in philanthropy and government, a new calling has emerged for me in response to this unprecedented time. If we’re to have a transformative recovery resulting in greater equity, justice, and opportunity, it must be measured by the growth and resiliency of our nonprofit sector. Nonprofits are critical and essential infrastructure. We serve as a voice for communities hardest hit by the pandemic and those historically unserved and underserved in our region.

As in other pivotal moments in history such as the Industrial Revolution, the New Deal era, and the Internet revolution, our sector serves an essential role. We’re an advocate, safety-net, job creator, innovator, and voice for those who have been historically marginalized, discriminated against, and flat-out left out. In truth, a resilient and growing nonprofit sector, rooted in community, has always fueled a more inclusive and just society.

The Center has a tremendously important role to play in supporting our sector, not only as the leading capacity strengthener, provider of technical assistance, and overall partner for nonprofits, but also as a key advocate. Working with our dedicated team and partners to embrace this role and help our sector become the most resilient and innovative in the nation is my new calling.

We can’t do this work alone. In the months ahead, I look forward to listening to and learning from our tireless staff, outstanding board, and—most importantly—all of you who work every day to bring about a brighter future for our communities. In the meantime, please don’t hesitate to reach out

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About the Author

Efrain is a longtime community leader dedicated to transforming systems and increasing civic engagement among historically underserved and marginalized populations with a human-centered approach. Learn more about Efrain

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