Leaders Aligned for Success

Author: Carolyn Williams – Executive Leadership Coach & CNM Board Member

I spent many years working in corporate philanthropy for SoCalGas and had the opportunity, up close, to see the many challenges nonprofit leaders face. Governance, finance, marketing, fundraising, team management, strategic planning, showing results, and so much more. The level of commitment and passion continues to inspire me.

Across the years, I have come to understand that as a committed board member, I need to think more about setting realistic expectations and how to help in ways that don’t add more pressure to an already difficult role. As a coach and mentor to these dedicated nonprofit leaders, I now understand their ongoing challenges even more. For board members, it’s important to build a sense of understanding and partnership that serves the organization while, at the same time, supporting the executive.

At CNM, we encourage executive directors to make the time to meet with each board member, outside of board meetings, and discover how you can help each other succeed. We want to encourage board members to understand the many challenges nonprofit executives face and the role the member can play in supporting both leadership and organizational success.

Shore up your organization’s leadership. 

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About the Author

carolyn1 Leaders Aligned for Success

Carolyn Williams’ background includes more than 30 years’ experience in corporate philanthropy, management development, and training. She earned a B.A. in psychology from Louisiana Tech University, and a Master of Public Administration degree from USC. Learn more about Carolyn

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