Three Reasons Why You Should Join CNM’s 501(c)onference: Resilience at the Center

Author: Efrain Escobedo – President & CEO, CNM

Thanks to our amazing conference sponsors, SoCal nonprofits can now attend the all-virtual second day of our 501(c)onference on May 10 – at no cost. If you’re part of a nonprofit organization in Southern California, here are three reasons why you should join us at the 501(c)onference next week.

1. It’s a convening of our region’s key sector leaders. Attendees will gain insights and inspiration from nonprofit changemakers and visionaries. Our nonprofit sector is helping to transform our region, and you’ll learn and be part of the conversation.

2. We’re exploring and launching a whole new narrative centered on nonprofit resilience. Join us to be part of a cross-sector vision for thriving communities, where nonprofit resilience helps fuel the innovation and transformability that’s needed.

3. This is a moment to advance real systems change. We’re forming cross-sector alliances and making progress to ensure that nonprofits are treated as true partners, funded fairly and equitably, to advance our missions and thrive.

We’ll transform our impact and communities by working across all sectors to fuel regional inclusion and transformation. Please join us and get inspired to work toward a more resilient nonprofit future. Check out our speakers/panelists and register today

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Efrain is a longtime community leader dedicated to transforming systems and increasing civic engagement with a human-centered approach among historically underserved and marginalized populations. Learn more about Efrain

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