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CNM Online University

CNM’s Online University is your connection to expanding and sharpening your nonprofit management skills. This unique offering is specifically designed and priced for nonprofit organizations. Gain access to training on critical management topics, including:

  • Board Member Roles and Responsibilities

  • Fundraising

  • Evaluation

  • Communications

The Advantages of Learning Online

We teamed up with cognitive scientists to design a learning experience that ensures you can absorb information, practice on the spot, and apply it at the office tomorrow.
We are the Center for Nonprofit Management and we know nonprofits. Our in-house subject matter experts created this content with you in mind.
Learning is tracked, so you can stay on top of your own learning goals or the goals of your team.
Subscription to Online University also gives you access to a community of people that are interested in learning together. Ask for help when you need it and offer help to others.
Priced at a rate any nonprofit organization can afford, regardless of your budget size.

Subscribers get full access to all learning products at a fixed annual cost.

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Everyone knows that fundraising is vital to the success of a nonprofit organization, but many don’t understand that fundraising is more than asking for a contribution or that it’s the job of the entire organization, not just those in Development.

Give your team the gift of calm with these modules, which give learners the perspective they need to make fundraising less scary.

Current Modules Include

Demystifying Fundraising  Learn Now

Building a Diverse Funding Portfolio Learn Now

(Coming Soon) Efficient, Successful, and Sustainable Fundraising Learn Now


The board is responsible for making sure your nonprofit organization is working toward its mission, running effectively, ensuring good financial health, and operating in accordance with the law.

This is a big responsibility. Make sure your board members have the knowledge they need to succeed.

Current Modules Include

How to be a Good Board Member  Learn Now

Creating Thriving and Flourishing Boards Learn Now

(Coming soon) Running Productive Boards Learn Now


With today’s fast-paced and crowded communications environment, people are exposed on a daily basis to more messages from many good causes, so making your organization stand out is vital to your mission. Organizations of all sizes and budgets can further their work through strategic communications.

Current Modules Include

Strategic Communications  Learn Now

Building a Strategic Communications Plan Learn Now

(Coming soon) Implementing Your Communications Plan Learn Now


As nonprofits, it is understood that our efforts are to improve the quality of life of individuals and communities. Our challenge is gathering the evidence to describe, track, measure, and share our progress. Evaluation can help you not only demonstrate impact, but also make ongoing program improvements. Sometimes the data documents real success and other times it reveals shortcomings.

Either way, the data you collect can provide valuable insight into your efforts for future planning.

Current Modules Include

(Coming soon) Preparing & Planning   Learn Now

Evaluation in Action Learn Now

(Coming soon) Evaluation: Designing & Doing Learn Now

Affordable training for your entire team Individual and team plans available

CNM Online U/ Series pricing

  • Board Series – $450
  • Fundraising Series – $450
  • Communications Series – $450
  • Evaluation Series – $450

CNM Online U/ Series pricing

  • How to be a Good Board Member – $125
  • Creating Thriving and Flourishing Boards – $125
  • Demystifying Fundraising – $125
  • Building a Diverse Funding Portfolio – $125
  • Evaluation: Roadmap to Success – $125
  • Evaluation in Action – $125 Strategic Communications – $125