Our Approach

Driving change in Southern California

CNM exists to support a thriving social impact sector that advances a more resilient and inclusive region.

Action and Engagement

We convene nonprofits to advocate for stronger influence with government, philanthropy, and business.

Learning and Innovation

We offer solutions that help strengthen nonprofit capacity through training, technical assistance, on-demand learning, and other resources.

Research and Social Impact

We enhance nonprofit knowledge, wisdom, and impact through research and evaluation.
Last year, CNM responded to nearly 600 inquiries from nonprofit leaders, providing one-on-one support via the free helpline.
As part of the Equity in County Contracting Coalition, CNM's advocacy played a pivotal role in the establishment of the new L.A. County Office of Centralized Contracting.
CNM's seminars, certificate programs, events, and skills-building sessions engage more than 700 participants across more than 70 sessions annually.
CNM's most recent 501(c)onference brought together nearly 500 Southern California nonprofit leaders.

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