Action and Engagement

Creating equitable systems and forging true partnerships ensures a resilient and impactful future for Southern California nonprofits.

CNM sparks change by: 

  • Spearheading regional efforts to affirm nonprofits as essential infrastructure. We bring nonprofits together as a collective sector voice for action to enhance understanding of the sector’s role in sustaining Southern California’s social, cultural, and economic well-being. We hold convenings and regional councils and are part of key initiatives such as The Angeleno Project’s Nonprofit Equity Action Team and the California Contracting Coalition.
  • Advocating for equitable nonprofit-government contracting.  Since 2020, we have led historic efforts to reform contracting in Los Angeles County. We continue to call for just contracting processes that will enable nonprofits and the communities they serve to thrive. 
  • Serving as an intermediary between philanthropy and government. We are uniquely positioned to support nonprofits with technical assistance and capacity-strengthening that addresses funder and contract requirements. 
  • Inviting nonprofits to join our membership network. We offer sector-leading access to training, seminars, and our 501(c)onference, as well as resources for enhancing organizational resilience. Coming soon.

Our Approach to Action and Engagement


Movement Building



What We Do

CNM transforms nonprofits through policy advocacy and sector engagement. We envision a region in which nonprofits have the visibility and resources necessary for organizational self-determination, sustainability, and growth. CNM helps nonprofits, government, and philanthropy work together to evolve funding practices, challenge inequities, and meet community need.

We inspire the nonprofit sector by leading sector engagement, championing policy advocacy pioneering transformative funding practices. We convene and build the capacity of organizations by creating a network that amplifies the sector’s collective voice and impact.

We advocate for structural reforms to funding mechanisms by conducting policy research and fostering cross-sector partnerships. Our initiatives aim to reshape government contracting and philanthropic giving into trust-based, growth-oriented practices.

By acting as an intermediary between funders and the nonprofit sector, we facilitate funding partnerships and demonstrate the equitable funding practices we envision for the sector. We are committed to modeling and advocating for fair, transparent funding practices and policies that advance the sector’s long-term success.

Are you interested in joining our advocacy work, signing up for our membership network, or finding an intermediary to administer a grant or contract? Contact us.

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