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For decades, we've helped elevate the social impact of Southern California's businesses.

Whether training corporate executives for board service or working with a company’s external relations team to connect with nonprofit partners, CNM builds alliances that meet the corporate sector’s community engagement goals and drive positive change in the community.  Accenture, Bank of America, Deloitte, SoCalGas, and Wells Fargo Bank are just some of the companies that leverage CNM’s expertise. 

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CNM’s Impact by the Number

Through extensive outreach efforts, events, consulting engagements, partnerships, and the Helpline, CNM provided nonprofit leaders with solutions to address their pressing needs, strengthen their capacity, and access much-needed funding to counter the historic challenges facing our sector.
1 + Million
Times CNM provided leaders with answers

Distributed Skill-Building Scholarships

Several leading foundations and government agencies provide their grantees with scholarships to attend CNM’s capacity-strengthening training and events where they learn new skills and best practices while forging long-lasting relationships with peers.
$ 30000
In scholarships distributed to 455 recipients to attend CNM’s training and events

Advocated for Equitable
County Funding

CNM directed LA County’s Economic Resiliency Task Force Nonprofit & Philanthropy Work Group to continue pushing County leaders to address outdated, inefficient contracting policies and practices.
Nonprofits working
toward solutions
board motions

Trained Nonprofit Change Makers

Responding to challenging conditions, CNM led seminars, workshops, and certificate programs, including the transformative leadership development program for emerging BIPOC managers working currently in Southern California

Hosted the 501(c)onference
of 2022

CNM’s inspiring annual 501(c)onference brought together diverse peers and missions to explore avenues for solving problems, improving outcomes, enhancing organizational wellness, and putting inclusive practices into meaningful action.

Services for the Corporate Sector

Whether co-designing a social impact program or strengthening your nonprofit partners, CNM can help your business deliver social value.

Preparing Your Leaders to be Effective on Nonprofit Boards

Through tailored events, retreats, and individual coaching sessions, CNM can equip your executives and employees with the skills and understanding they need to be effective board members and volunteers.

Social Impact Guidance & Evaluation

Our team can help ensure that your company achieves its community engagement and social impact goals through a data-driven approach to decision-making. We can help evaluate your corporate partnerships’ impact, connect with the program’s key stakeholders, or identify areas of additional opportunity.

Support for Your Nonprofit Partners

CNM is a resource that can strengthen and guide the projects led by your company’s nonprofit and community partners:

  • At the beginning of projects with strategy development, program design, and organizational assessment
  • During a project by strengthening participants’ skills, by creating connections, or by facilitating collaborations
  • At the end of projects with research and evaluation 

Partner with CNM

CNM’s educational programs, consulting services, and knowledge resources are made possible by corporate support. Partner companies demonstrate their commitment to the community by their investment in the success of Southern California’s vital nonprofit sector.  Sponsorship benefits include presence and exposure through events and programs, website, and CNM’s communication vehicles and social media channels.  

Let us customize a partnership to meet your company’s needs.  To learn more, contact Regina Birdsell via email or at (213) 266-8484.

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Maura Harrington Ph.D., MBA

Executive Vice President
Center for Nonprofit Management

Maura is known for her expertise in organizational development and strategy and in all aspects of organizational development with a focus on strategic planning, assessment, and evaluation. At CNM, she oversees the client services team and provides consulting, training, and coaching services to a broad range of organizations. Much of her consulting and capacity-building work has been with community-based organizations and public health departments related to effective organizational operations, evaluation practices, and the use of logic models and other assessment tools to support planning, evaluation, and management. A BoardSource Trainer, a certified Advanced Associate, and a Trainer for the Connective Leadership Institute; Maura has completed certification as an executive coach under the International Coaching Federation. She holds a Ph.D. in Organizational Behavior from the Claremont Graduate School, an MBA from the Peter Drucker Graduate Management Center, a BS in Psychology from Georgetown University, and serves as an adjunct professor at USC’s School of Social Work and Department of Psychology. 

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Need expert advice? We’re only an email or phone call away. Use this form to get in touch or call the Nonprofit Answer Hotline at the number listed below.

You can also schedule a free, 15-minute appointment and we’ll match you with an in-house expert.

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