If corporate executives have coaches, why should nonprofit leaders go it alone?


Project Description

The Art of Executive Decision-Making

CNM Executive Coaches work one-on-one with executives, managers, and other organizational leaders to maximize their potential, support professional development, build confidence and resilience and resolve short and long-term issues in specific areas such as leadership, working with colleagues and boards, financial management, fund development and other topics.

Strengthen your leadership potential with custom, one-on-one learning.  Find out how how CNM coaching can make a difference.
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Discover Strengths and Optimize Individual Capacity and Team Performance

As active partners with a common goal of creating greater impact, CNM Certified Coaches work one-on-one with executives, managers, and board members to support professional development, build confidence and resilience, and resolve short and long-term issues.

Top Reasons Nonprofit Professionals Choose Coaching

  • Expand professional career opportunities
  • Identify specific steps to maximize your own performance
  • Increase self-confidence
  • Manage work/life balance
  • Learn to engage, motivate and inspire staff and others
  • Gain clarity about who you want to be as a leaders
  • Become the go-to leader
  • Strengthen both professional and personal relationships
  • Develop the ability to see problems differently, and devise better solutions

Success Stories

Testimonials from CNM alumni

Just being in the program enabled me to think of myself as a leader which was most valuable to me and hopefully my org. I think connecting with others in the sphere was awesome.

— Hirshberg Foundation

This program has given me additional tools to be a more effective leader. Having the opportunity to share this experience with my colleague will make putting what we learning into “practice” realistic. We both walked away with action items. This is one of the best leadership trainings I’ve completed.

— 211 Community Connect

I have a clearer vision of what to expect and how to go about putting an effective board in place.

— Encore Theatre Group

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