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Organizational development and capacity building is founded on techniques that incorporate sound research and applied experience in a collaborative context.

We provide organizations with objective, current and creative options for growing capacity and solving problems for the long term.

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Improve Planning and Decision-Making for C-Level, Board and Executive Teams

Our services are delivered with your unique goals in mind. Each engagement is customized to achieve the results and priorities that are most important to your board members and executive team. Projects range from a one-day retreat to a multi-year initiative with one group or cohort.

6 Ways Consulting Can Foster Success

CNM’s approach to strategic planning involves a collaborative process of internal and external review and strategic thinking to generate a realistic and practical guide for board and staff in achieving visionary and operational goals.

CNM develops customized evaluation processes that combine proven evaluation approaches customized for authenticity and relevance to the client’s programs, to illustrate value and impact, for the purposes of informing program design and future development as well as to share information more effectively with boards, funders, and others closely connected to the organization.

CNM’s experienced facilitators work with organizations to develop and implement meetings, retreats, and other forums for specific planning, problem solving, strategizing, or decision-making purposes. Our approach involves thoughtful planning and preparation and developing agendas to encourage participation and generate useful plans for next steps.

Join us for a one-to-one or group executive coaching. This is a powerful tool for developing leaders and building robust organizations. Many C-level professionals agree that coaching is the most effective, yet most under-utilized professional development strategy.

Whether you need succession planning, interim executive placement or board and executive team training we are here to help you with your leadership continuity plans.

Through a collaborative, methodical approach, CNM develops a customized approach to assessing an organization’s condition from a broad to focused lens in order to clarify strengths and areas of vulnerability and develop a concise guide for board and staff in planning for organizational improvements and change.

Success Stories

Testimonials from clients

‘Without question, it was all the preparation and time CNM spent with us in working through the process in a very organized way. The tools, encouragement and facilitation are what led us to a written Strategic Plan that spans the next few years. Their support contributed to my success as the CEO.’

— California State Parks

‘More than anyone else, CNM provided clear action items, broken down by category and next steps that LACCLA can take to become a stronger, more dynamic organization. We truly appreciate the forthright assessment and action plan.’

— LA Center for Community Law and Action

‘Thanks so much for your continued guidance. I’m very excited about how far we’ve come since we started working with CNM.’

— Arts High Foundation

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