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Project Description

Where Leaders Come Together

Designed for nonprofit leaders to share their understanding of key issues affecting nonprofits across the sector and engaging in dynamic conversations.

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Engage in collective dialogue. Collaborate with your peers. Make things happen.

CNM’s successful peer learning programs allow dozens of leaders to identify a set of common goals and expand their network. Participants have active discussions around the ways in which their organizations can effectively work together to further involve their communities and actively understand urgent priorities. Uncover new and innovative ways to activate board and staff participation, promote professional development opportunities, and encourage cross-communication. CNM is here to facilitate the process; the bold ideas will come from you!

Convening for Impact

This meeting provides the structure for busy executives to explore solutions to common leadership challenges, while building a network of peers. Nonprofit leaders face a growing imperative to scale their efforts, yet most are focused on their organizational sustainability. The content is customized to address the needs of each cohort as they work to achieve their individual goals. Leaders meet for 90 minutes on alternating months for 6 sessions.

This meeting is designed to support Executive Directors leading organizations serving vulnerable communities and often working in silos. This program is designed to accomplish three goals: to build constructive, engaged peer networks around common goals in a targeted area, to enhance the leadership skills they have identified as key to their success, and to form new, coordinated alliances. Leaders meet for 2 hours on alternating months and participate in small group coaching sessions for 5 sessions.

Success Stories

Testimonials from CNM alumni

Enjoyed the opportunity to step away from day to day and engage in big picture thinking while meeting a new group of colleagues.

— Westside Food Bank

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