A comprehensive curricula for all nonprofit professionals and organizations.


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Helping to Empower Organizations

CNM offers an extensive selection of seminars that are relevant to all nonprofit professionals and organizations.

Southern California’s most respected nonprofit professionals craft comprehensive programs, aimed at sharing knowledge, building leadership skills and providing tools and techniques that help you respond effectively to the needs of the community and the demand for accountability.

Join us in a live seminar on our campus in Los Angeles, or save your staff the trip and arrange to have us come to you.
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Designed to share knowledge, build leadership skills and provide unique tools for nonprofits

Southern California’s most respected nonprofit management faculty lead seminars, crafted by nonprofit professionals and stakeholders, in order to share knowledge, provide tools and techniques that will help you become a better leader, and, for organizations, provide the requisite capacities for growth, impact, and sustainability.

Achieve Greater Impact

On our campus or locations across the region. Topics include:

Executive, Board, and Leadership Essentials

  • Financial Strategy and Management
  • Marketing and Communications
  • Fund Development
  • Supervision and Management

With over 50 trainers and a host to 150 trainings a year, CNM can work with you to design a training to fit your needs. The benefit of bringing CNM trainings to your organization is the content can be tailored to your group’s needs and members of your team can learn together and learn a common language. This team-based learning also helps with accountability and supporting each other as they work on implementing what they have learned. All CNM presentations use a highly engaging “action-learning” methodology involving student participation, opportunities for peer learning, and draw on current real-life examples from attendees. Training participants receive materials that include a PowerPoint presentation, exercises, templates, and resources that they can refer to long after the sessions have ended. Each session is designed to provide interactive skill-building lectures, access to new tools and approaches, and time to reflect and put learning into action.

Learn alongside your colleagues in a multi-day program designed to go beyond the basics in a concise yet expansive program. CNM certificate programs help you find solutions to practical challenges and create value for your organization by increasing the capacity of your professional toolkit.

Learn anytime, anywhere. Expand and sharpen your team’s nonprofit management skills with these courses: Board Governance, Fundraising, Evaluation, and Communications. This unique course offering is designed and priced for nonprofit organizations – sign up today!

Success Stories

Testimonials from CNM alumni

It was great to spend a day thinking creatively and in innovative ways – and not the daily grind of money, money, money…Good things happen when you put smart people together.

— Hollywood Heart

‘More than anyone else, CNM provided clear action items, broken down by category and next steps that LACCLA can take to become a stronger, more dynamic organization. We truly appreciate the forthright assessment and action plan.’

— California State Parks Foundation

This session made me think more conceptually about facilitation (and how to plan for it). I would recommend this to someone who is new to or uncomfortable with facilitation.

— California Science Center

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