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The State of the Sector

CNM periodically reaches out to the community to find out what you are doing: what’s working, what’s not, what you are struggling with, and what you are celebrating.  Read More>>


There’s Work to be Done

Interested in working in education, social services, mental health, or the arts? This is the place. This site is dedicated to all public benefit opportunities. Read More>>

Compensation and Benefit Survey

Compare & Contrast

The Center for Nonprofit Management conducts an annual survey of local salary & benefits for nonprofit employers located in Southern & Central California. Read More>>

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CNM’s best-selling Nonprofit Answer Book: An Executive Director’s Guide to Frequently Asked Questions is loaded with valuable, easily accessible info. Order your copy today>>

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Timely, practical and fast answers to your critical management questions. Trusted advice from SoCal’s leading nonprofit center, CNM. Ya got 2 minutes? Visit the site>>

Nonprofit Directions

Where It’s All Headed

CNM’s smartly designed quarterly newsletter provides a pertinent, attentive perspective on the nonprofit sector; and be sure to check out our Expanded online version>>