Budgeting & Reporting for Govt. Funded Organizations

Learn about budgeting and reporting best practices for organizations that receive government funding.
About This Event

This workshop focuses on key concepts and best practices in budgeting and financial performance management. We’ll discuss the steps of a well-designed budget process that facilitates programmatic, strategic, and fiscal discussions among the leadership team and explore internal and external financial monitoring practices that can support organizations as they apply for and manage federal funds.  

Key Focus Areas Will Include
  • How government contracts may impact an organization’s budget and cash flow 
  • Types of budgets and levels of planning at an organization 
  • Financial monitoring best practices to support the management of government funds 
Who Should Attend

All staff members of LA County nonprofit organizations who are interested in learning more about preparing their organizations to apply for current ARPA contracting opportunities. This event is open to staff of nonprofit organizations looking to serve Los Angeles County communities most impacted by COVID. 


Gina McDonald, CPA – Managing Director, BDO FMA

An experienced accountant, Gina is known for her ability to translate highly technical knowledge into relatable concepts and actionable terminology for nonprofit leaders. In addition to leading project teams, she frequently leads the development and delivery of trainings on technical accounting and other matters affecting nonprofits, and is a lead instructor and curriculum developer for the Certified Nonprofit Accounting Professional (CNAP) program. Prior to joining BDO FMA, Gina spent 17 years in public accounting and served as Director of Finance at the Greater Providence YMCA


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