Equity In LA County Contracting

An Update for Nonprofit Organizations

About this event

Each year, LA County invests billions in contracts and a portion of those dollars deliver essential services to residents through nonprofit providers. Given the unique role our sector plays, the Nonprofit/ Philanthropy Resiliency Working Group has taken the information you shared with us about the needed changes and, for the last two years, worked with LA County leadership to surface challenges and recommendations including better access to contracts, more timely technical support, relevant reimbursement rates, and more efficient auditing practices.

Join us for a unique session with LA County staff who are on the front lines of updating the new County websites, navigating distribution of new dollars coming from the federal government through the American Rescue Plan, and working to map progress in contracting practices through an equity lens.

Michael Owh, Chief Deputy Director, LA County Internal Services Department; and D’Artagnan Scorza, Executive Director of Racial Equity for LA County will talk about current efforts to address these issues and share where you can learn about upcoming contracting opportunities.

We want to hear from you. As part of our ongoing Equity in Contracting (ECC) team’s work, the nonprofit co-leaders want to hear your feedback and share the progress on addressing your specific priorities as we continue this important ongoing effort to improve the County’s contracting processes.


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