Planning for Executive Transition

Strategies for planned and unplanned leadership change.

NOTE: This is an in-person training in Los Angeles, CA

About this event

Succession and transition planning is more than replacement consideration. Managed effectively, this ongoing process expands and cultivates your talent pool, guaranteeing continuous leadership for scheduled exits and unforeseen emergencies. Leaders, whether looking at retirement, pursuing a career progression, or navigating personal challenges, will benefit from a comprehensive strategy. Whether near term or on a future horizon, executive directors, board members, and senior leadership must be well-prepared to navigate and ensure successful transitions.

In this training, we will cover:

  • Understanding executive transition planning.
  • Reviewing the key elements of transition planning.

This event is sold out. We invite you to check out other CNM trainings and events, or request a custom training.

Location: United Way-Greater Los Angeles
1150 South Olive Street
Los Angeles, CA 90015

Who Should Attend: This program will benefit executive directors and CEOs, board members, and senior nonprofit leadership.


The Southern California Center for Nonprofit Management (CNM) bridges the public, private, and nonprofit sectors to drive positive change. For 45 years, CNM has been the trusted nonprofit partner that Southern California’s impact sector turns to for help solving problems, responding to change, and elevating its leaders. CNM’s expert advisors, instructors, coaches, and specialists draw on decades of experience leading nonprofits to help organizations increase the impact of their work in the community.


The Nonprofit Sustainability Initiative (NSI) is an LA-based fund that invests in nonprofit resiliency during moments of organizational transformation. As a funding collaborative of more than a dozen foundations, NSI helps nonprofits achieve their mission by providing stability in a funding environment constantly influenced by changing policy and priorities.


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