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Expectations haven’t changed. Nonprofit organizations are here to help people.

Yet, at the same time, the world has changed dramatically. The way we work, technology and the way we use it, and our approach to solving big problems are all changing at a rapid pace. As organizations and leaders, how do we evolve? What stays the same and what needs to change?

We invite you to Join the Evolution on June 1-3 to find out.

The 501(c)onference is Southern California’s largest conference for nonprofit leaders. This unique marketplace of ideas, innovations, and resources is an event that nonprofit professionals can’t afford to miss. Take this rare opportunity to learn from distinguished experts, network with peers, explore the most pressing issues facing nonprofits today and seek solutions through creative collaboration.

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What to Expect
This year’s conference is unlike anything we’ve tried before. Last year, our experts showed us how design thinking is rapidly changing the world around us; growing small start-ups into nationally recognized companies; and helping organizations evolve, not just to survive, but to build for the future. At this year’s conference we are calling on all nonprofits to start doing the same. Our goal is to help you think differently, implement differently, and have greater impact.

June 1

A diverse group of creative thinkers and imaginative leaders from across sectors will be asked to join us for an interactive Design Thinking Lab. They will team up to solve complicated problems by experimenting with new ways of thinking.

Please note that June 1 is invitation only.

June 2-3
Day two and three are packed with examples of how the world is changing and how we can successfully evolve. Experts will discuss changes we can expect in the near future; breakout sessions will cover tactical ways to drive change; and there will be opportunities to network with your peers.

At this year’s 501(c)onference you can expect to be challenged, stretched, and asked to continue thinking about how you and your organization can evolve long after the conference is over. You will hear from:

      Dr. Lucy Bernholz, who will describe the current landscape, major trends, and where you can expect some important breakthroughs in the coming year;
      Dr. Fernando Guerra and Virgil Roberts, Esq., who will explore LA’s civic and economic priorities, and the dramatically changing expectations for the nonprofit sector;
      Dr. Bill Parent, who will reveal the latest results of UCLA’s State of the Sector report;
      Supervisor Sheila Kuehl, who will talk about recent changes in LA County government; and many more.

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