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CNM consulting services are delivered through carefully designed customized engagements to accomplish organizational and program-oriented objectives including organizational assessment, strategic planning, program design and evaluation, meeting facilitation, board development, fund development, executive transitions and other kinds of customized counsel and services. In each project, we begin with a discovery period, to work closely with board and staff to design an engagement that is well timed and suited to the people within the organization, how the organization functions and the objectives of the work together.

The CNM Consulting Method

Nonprofits are better able to deliver effective programs and services when a strong, core infrastructure is in place, of realistic plans and systems informed by mission and vision. CNM consultants work closely with boards and staff, offering management support services that are designed to build capacity through a customized and personalized approach, to address organizational issues and explore new ways of doing business.

Organizations look to the CNM consulting team when they need a partner and informed, understanding perspective in designing solutions, taking the next step in their evolution or accomplishing a specific project or goal.

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CNM Consulting: Core Practice Areas

The CNM consulting approach – organizational development and capacity building – is founded on techniques that incorporate sound research and applied experience in a collaborative context. We provide organizations with objective, current and creative options for growing capacity and solving problems for the long term.

We accept assignments for which we genuinely believe we can provide effective service and contribute a measurable difference in the life and continuing practice of an organization. We work with a broad range of clients, in terms of organizational longevity, size, culture and resources and we treat all professional and volunteer clients with respect for their values, goals and individual contributions. Consulting engagements range from a one-day retreat to multi-year projects.

Placement of consultants is highly individualized to client needs and project nature and scope. From problem definition to data gathering and analysis, recommendations and implementation, CNM offers the highest quality of consulting services with an emphasis on client focus and organizational value, and results.

Strategic planning is the architecture of successful organizations

CNM’s approach to strategic planning involves a collaborative process of internal and external review and strategic thinking to generate a realistic and practical guide for board and staff in achieving visionary and operational goals.

Organizational Development

Organizational development is a systematic process of planning for and implementing effective change, to increase an organization’s effectiveness or efficiency, throughout the organization or in specific areas. CNM works with an organization’s staff and board to develop and conduct a customized assessment to clarify and build consensus about strengths and areas of vulnerability, followed by a process to develop a realistic, appropriate plan and guide for organizational improvements and change.

Looking to discover you and your team’s leadership style? CNM is certified by the Connective Leadership Institute to deliver customized leadership analysis surveys and trainings for you and your staff.

Evaluation & Program Development

CNM develops customized evaluation processes that combine proven evaluation approaches customized for authenticity and relevance to the client’s programs, to illustrate value and impact, for the purposes of informing program design and future development as well as to share information more effectively with boards, funders, and others closely connected to the organization.

Board & Staff Development

The CNM consulting team places high priority on being connected to and leadership in key issues and practices for maximizing the talents, strengths and efforts of an organization’s most valuable resource – the people who govern, lead, and support programs to produce effective, meaningful, and measurable impact: the board and staff. We translate our knowledge and commitment to this work through customized board and staff development projects, designed to leverage and build effectiveness and cohesiveness.

Fund Development Planning

With extensive experience in all aspects of resource development, CNM consultants understand that effective fund development plans and strategies start with a review and assessment of current fund development programs and systems. We work with organizations to design, strategize and implement realistic fund development plans to seek and leverage the appropriate combination of contributed income to meet their mission.

Meeting & Retreat Design & Facilitation

CNM’s experienced facilitators work with organizations to develop and implement meetings, retreats, and other forums for specific planning, problem solving, strategizing, or decision-making purposes. Our approach involves thoughtful planning and preparation and developing agendas to encourage participation and generate useful plans for next steps.

Executive Coaching

Executive coaching is a core tool for supporting effective and sustaining effective leaders and building healthy organizations.

Coaching is the practice of supporting an individual through a creative thought-provoking process of exploration and accountability. CNM Executive Coaches work one-on-one with executives, managers, and other organizational leaders to maximize their potential, support professional development, build confidence and resilience and resolve short and long-term issues in specific areas such as leadership, working with colleagues and boards, financial management, fund development and other topics. Find out more here.

Custom Training

CNM offers offer tailored learning opportunities for groups. Custom training is great for getting your team to get on the same page or tackling an issue together.

We provide a wide variety of trainings and can customize them based upon discussed needs and desired outcomes. With over 50 trainers, we can work with you to design a training to fit your needs. Find out more here.