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Strategic and Data-Driven Consulting

For our partners and clients, there is no one-size-fits-all.

Advance your mission, reach your potential, and create impact for your community. We are ready to meet your organization’s unique needs with customizable consulting, coaching, and data-driven solutions. 

CNM’s Impact by the Number

Through extensive outreach efforts, events, consulting engagements, partnerships, and the Helpline, CNM provided nonprofit leaders with solutions to address their pressing needs, strengthen their capacity, and access much-needed funding to counter the historic challenges facing our sector.
Times CNM provided leaders with answers
1 + Million

Distributed Skill-Building Scholarships

Several leading foundations and government agencies provide their grantees with scholarships to attend CNM’s capacity-strengthening training and events where they learn new skills and best practices while forging long-lasting relationships with peers.
In scholarships distributed to 455 recipients to attend CNM’s training and events
$ 30000

Advocated for Equitable
County Funding

CNM directed LA County’s Economic Resiliency Task Force Nonprofit & Philanthropy Work Group to continue pushing County leaders to address outdated, inefficient contracting policies and practices.
Nonprofits working
toward solutions
board motions

Trained Nonprofit Change Makers

Responding to challenging conditions, CNM led seminars, workshops, and certificate programs, including the transformative leadership development program for emerging BIPOC managers working currently in Southern California

Hosted the 501(c)onference
of 2022

CNM’s inspiring annual 501(c)onference brought together diverse peers and missions to explore avenues for solving problems, improving outcomes, enhancing organizational wellness, and putting inclusive practices into meaningful action.

Partnerships & Affiliations

Board Source
Civitas LA
Connective Leadership Institute: Where inclusion is critical and connection inevitable
SC Engage Our Experts

We are ready to work alongside you to problem-solve, advocate for community needs, strengthen organizational capacity, plan for the future, and ultimately achieve your mission. 

CNM partners with purpose-driven organizations to create social change in Southern California, from recently founded small community-based organizations to large, established healthcare facilities. 

Our consultants and coaches are passionate and committed to supporting your organization.  

We’re ready to show you how your organization can reach its fullest potential.

Our Approach

Step One


Listening & Learning

Whether you filled out a helpline request, are a long-time CNM client, or are a friend of the organization, we start by meeting with you to learn about your organization and current challenges. Through this process, we identify how we can most effectively support you.  

Step Two


Design & Plan

We work with you to develop a scope of work that reflects your goals, values, and mission. Our team creates a plan that utilizes our expertise to meet your organization’s unique needs.

Step Three


Execution & Connection

CNM’s experts work alongside your team to implement and execute our shared objectives. Our door is always open to revisit and improve our initial plan and review progress. We regularly check in with you to ensure that we meet your expectations.

Step Four

Deliver & Achieve

We deliver results. Your organization has the tools, insights, and strategies to fulfill your mission and meet your full potential. The CNM Team is available for future partnerships and collaborations. 



Our Services

Strengthening Organizations & People

Through seminars, retreats, and 1:1 coaching, we design customizable training programs that equip you, your team, grantees, partners, or board with the tangible skills to achieve your goals and mission.

Organizational Assessments

When you have a clear picture of your organization’s areas of strength, growth, and opportunity, you can transform how your nonprofit implements its mission. With CNM’s comprehensive organizational assessment and recommendations, you will have the information you need to align your team, leaders, board, and programs to serve your community better. 

Strategy Development & Planning

Align your team, board, and leadership around your strategy, goals, and mission. Our experts are ready to work alongside your organization to co-design actionable, data-informed strategic, business, and scenario plans unique to your organization.

Project Design and Implementation

Start your new project, program, or initiative with the systems and strategies to achieve your goals. We provide strategic and tactical support for new or growing initiatives, collective impact projects, grants, and existing policies & systems. 

Research & Evaluation

Our team works with you to ensure you’re on the right track to fulfilling your mission through a data-driven approach to decision-making. We can help you showcase your impact, check in with your key stakeholders, and evaluate areas of growth.  

Connection and Collaboration

Align your team, board, and leadership around your strategy, goals, and mission. Our experts are ready to work alongside your organization to co-design actionable, data-informed strategic, business, and scenario plans unique to your organization.

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