Year-In-Review: Crisis, Opportunity, and Adaptation

This year we have been right there with you as an unexpected and deadly virus changed everything in a matter of weeks. In the midst of the chaos, we have seen the heroic efforts of our colleagues across the nonprofit sector to meet the truly epic needs of millions across our county. So many became food distributors and mental health support providers in addition to meeting their core mission. Others formed new partnerships, some were forced to pause, regroup or close.

We quickly learned about zoom, social distancing, PPE and PPP while urging citizens to complete the census and vote. Like all of you, we know this year also surfaced facts we can no longer ignore about injustice, access to care, nonprofit sustainability, and systems that need to be changed. To meet this moment, while our work days are longer, I am incredibly proud of the committed CNM staff and board who stepped up in creative ways to share our expertise as you navigate these unprecedented challenges. As the numbers reflect, it has been quite a year.

We look forward to facing the challenges of 2021 alongside you; we’re here to help and want you to know that you’re not in it alone.

– Regina Birdsell and the team at CNM

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