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board.governance.tabLearn why nonprofit organizations have Boards of Directors and how they are structured, as well as the roles and responsibilities of an individual board member and how you can share your skills and experience with a cause that’s important to you.

The board is responsible for making sure your nonprofit organization is working toward its mission, running effectively, ensuring good financial health, and operating in accordance with the law.

This is a big responsibility. Make sure your board members have the knowledge they need to succeed.

Current modules include:

  • How to be a Good Board Member
  • (Coming Soon) Running Productive Boards
With today’s fast-paced and crowded communications environment, people are exposed on a daily basis to more messages from many good causes, so making your organization stand out is vital to your mission. Organizations of all sizes and budgets can further their work through strategic communications.

Learn to spread your message far and wide with these modules.

Current modules include:

  • Strategic Communications
  • Building a Strategic Communications Plan
  • (Coming Soon) Implementing Your Communications Plan

As nonprofits, it is understood that our efforts are to improve the quality of life of individuals and communities. Our challenge is gathering the evidence to describe, track, measure, and share our progress. Evaluation can help you not only demonstrate impact, but also make ongoing program improvements. Sometimes the data documents real success and other times it reveals shortcomings. Either way, the data you collect can provide valuable insight into your efforts for future planning.

These modules will help you improve your programs and the stories you tell to funders.

Current modules include:

  • Roadmaps to Success
  • Evaluation in Action
  • (Coming Soon) Evaluation: Designing & Doing
Everyone knows that fundraising is vital to the success of a nonprofit organization, but many don’t understand that fundraising is more than asking for a contribution or that it’s the job of the entire organization, not just those in Development.

Give your team the gift of calm with these modules, which give learners the perspective they need to make fundraising less scary.

Current modules include:

    • Demystifying Fundraising
    • Building a Diverse Funding Portfolio
    • (Coming Soon) Efficient, Successful, and Sustainable Fundraising

The extensive roster of carefully crafted curricula are underscored by an innovative learning program that features a unique set of practical tools and resources.