Develop Your Leadership Succession Toolkit

Gain effective strategies for nonprofit leadership succession planning.

About this virtual special event:

Building on January’s Planning for Executive Transitionthis next session provides a brief overview of the first session and continues the conversation with a focus on creating specific strategies for nonprofit leadership succession and transition planning. Each organization’s unique needs, history, and leadership objectives all inform the delicate but powerful process of leadership planning. Rather than presenting a one-size-fits-all approach, this session offers a diverse array of strategies that reflect the timing, circumstances, and resources available to stakeholders looking at impending leadership change.

Along with the opportunity to engage and share during this virtual event, a special panel of nonprofit board members who have recently navigated a leadership transition will offer wisdom and perspective. Participants from the first session and those joining us for the first time are invited to attend, each coming away with specific tools and tactics for their own transition planning journey.

This session will cover:

  • Key considerations for leadership succession and transition planning
  • Board and staff roles and responsibilities in the planning process
  • Developing a customized planning toolkit that includes the key essentials

Who Should Attend: Executive directors, CEOs, board members, and senior nonprofit leaders.


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