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Our expert advisors, instructors, and coaches will work closely with you, your staff, and board to unlock your organization’s potential to meet the increasing needs of your community.

CNM equips nonprofit leaders and organizations with the skills, resources, and connections they need to achieve their goals and succeed in their mission. Our education programs, tailored consulting services, and unique expertise have advanced Southern California’s nonprofit organizations since 1978.

Find below all of the services CNM can provide your nonprofit to solve your problems, uplift your staff, and improve your programs’ outcomes. 

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CNM’s Impact by the Number

Through extensive outreach efforts, events, consulting engagements, partnerships, and the Helpline, CNM provided nonprofit leaders with solutions to address their pressing needs, strengthen their capacity, and access much-needed funding to counter the historic challenges facing our sector.
Times CNM provided leaders with answers
1 + Million

Distributed Skill-Building Scholarships

Several leading foundations and government agencies provide their grantees with scholarships to attend CNM’s capacity-strengthening training and events where they learn new skills and best practices while forging long-lasting relationships with peers.
In scholarships distributed to 455 recipients to attend CNM’s training and events
$ 30000

Advocated for Equitable
County Funding

CNM directed LA County’s Economic Resiliency Task Force Nonprofit & Philanthropy Work Group to continue pushing County leaders to address outdated, inefficient contracting policies and practices.
Nonprofits working
toward solutions
board motions

Trained Nonprofit Change Makers

Responding to challenging conditions, CNM led seminars, workshops, and certificate programs, including the transformative leadership development program for emerging BIPOC managers working currently in Southern California

Hosted the 501(c)onference
of 2022

CNM’s inspiring annual 501(c)onference brought together diverse peers and missions to explore avenues for solving problems, improving outcomes, enhancing organizational wellness, and putting inclusive practices into meaningful action.

Services for the Nonprofit Sector

Engage our team of nonprofit leaders to reach your goals, expand strategically, connect with your community, and improve outcomes.

Our team works with you to ensure you’re on the right track to fulfilling your mission through a data-driven approach to decision-making. We can help you showcase your impact, check in with your key stakeholders, and evaluate areas of growth.  

Hear about the impact of engaging CNM’s experts from leaders at Imagine LA.

Training and Events

Learn from experts and connect with peers in certificate programs, management trainings, seminars, and our 501(c)conference.


Empower your team with
the skills they need to drive change.

Certificate Program

Deepen your sector expertise and develop strong relationships with peers at your level.


The only nonprofit event of its kind in Southern California.

Special Events

Stay up-to-date with the latest changes and trends impacting the nonprofit sector.


Use these time-saving tools, proven solutions, and comprehensive research selected by our experts to find answers and unlock growth.

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